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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Rajouri Pincode / Post Office Search (RAJAURI, Jammu & Kashmir)

Agrati B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Androoth B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Ari B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Azamtabad B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Badhoon B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bafliaz B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bagla B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bagnoti B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bajnoa B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bakhar B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bareri B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bathuni B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Behrote B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bhajwal B.O 185153RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bharore B.O 185156RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bhata Dhurian B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bhattian B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Bhawani S.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Brehvi B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chak Mathani B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chambitrar B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chandi Marh B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chani B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chatral B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chhajla B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chingas B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chowki B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Chuggan B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dabbar Potha B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dalhori B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dali B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dalogora B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dandesar B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Darhal Malkan S.O 185135RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Darkeri B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dassal Jattan B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Deengmangot B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dehra B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dehri Ralyote B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dhangri B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dhani Dhar B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dhar B.O 185156RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dharamsal B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dharamsal Mendhar S.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dharana B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dhargloon B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dharsakri B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dhok Banyar B.O 185156RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dodaj B.O 185135RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Dodasanbala B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Doongi Brahmana B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Draba B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Fatehpur B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Fazalabad B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gagrote B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gakhrote B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Galhuta B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Galuthi B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gambir Brahmana B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gambir Mughlan B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Garan B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Ghania B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gonda B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gunni B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gunthal B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gursai B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Gursai Mohri B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Hanjana Thakra B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Hari B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Hari Budha B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Hari Marhote B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Harichuma B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Harni B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Jara Wali Gali B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Jawaharnagar S.O (Rajauri) 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Jhanger B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Jignicoal B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Jugal B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kakora B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kalaban B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kalakas B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kalakot S.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kalsian B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kandi B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kangri S.O 185156RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kasbalari B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Khajmola B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Khawas B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kheri B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Khersoo B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kotdhara B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Kotranka B.O 185233RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Lam B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Lamberi S.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Langer B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Laroka B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Lassana B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Madana B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Manjakot B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Mankot B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Metka B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Mohgla B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Muradpur B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Nagrota B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Naka Majari B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Narian B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Natryal B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Naushera S.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Nonial B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Ochhad B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Palma B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Panihad B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Panjah B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Panjnara B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Patrara B.O 185153RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Peeri B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Potha B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Prat B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Prat B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Qilla Darhal B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Rahsiyot B.O 185153RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Raikban B.O 185135RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Rajal B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Rajdhani B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Rajouri H.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Rehtal B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sagra B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sair B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Saj B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sakhi Maidan B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Salwah B.O 185111RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Same B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Samote S.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sanai B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sangiote B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sangla B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sangpur B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Saranu B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sehar B.O 185155RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Seri B.O 185151RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Seri Khawaja B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Shadhra Sharif B.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sialan B.O 185121RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sialsui B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Siot B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Solki S.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Sunderbani S.O 185153RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Swari B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Tandwal B.O 185131RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Tareru B.O 185201RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Tatapani B.O 185202RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Thanamandi S.O 185212RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Thanda Pani B.O 185152RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Thichka B.O 185156RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Tilla Tanda B.O 185156RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Trala B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir
Ujjan B.O 185132RajouriJammu & Kashmir

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